Hong Kong - My favourite City - Cam Hadlow Photography

Hong Kong - My favourite City

I have been very fortunate to be able to travel the globe and visit many incredible countries and famous cities. However, to me there is nowhere as special, or that captures my imagination and leaves me longing to return more than Hong Kong. A city of fabulous architecture, delicious food, amazing vistas, diverse cultures, and above all a photographers paradise. No matter how many times I visit this city I always find something new to photograph - this may be a new angle to photograph an old subject, a never seen neighbourhood to visit, another hike to do, new skyscrapers, tranquil gardens, amazing temples, bustling markets, and all of this within easy reach of simply wonderful public transport. I love this city and whenever I leave I always think of whenI'll be back. To me Hong Kong is truly 'Asia's World City'.

'You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you.' - Nury Vittachi

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